Research & Development.

Our R&D department is the heart of our company. Each day, those people are constantly researching how they can improve existing products and/or with the development of new products. Our R&D team has a long-term vision and focusses mainly on durability, originality and creativity. This is the only way to produce timeless and long life products.

Our people all have to possess the following qualities: accuracy, creativity, adaptability and the power of observation. All developments are managed and made with professional expertise by using Solid Works and CAD-CAM.

First of all, our Research & Development team analyses the habits and needs of the consumer and studies questions of customers and/or external designers with an intention to improve products or to create new ones. Afterwards, a project will be worked out, its realizability will be studied and its specifications will be formulated.

As soon as the project will be approved, our R&D department will develop some prototypes of the product. These have to guarantee that the quality and safety standards in force are observed. Thanks to the industrial thinking and acting of our R&D department, a high comfort and finishing is always within reach.

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